Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Much Do You Know About Network Marketing?

"If I had my life to live over again, I would elect to be a trader of goods rather than a student of science"
-- Albert Einstein

I love that quote!  Whether you are a party planner or a network or multi-level marketer, you are in the business of direct selling, or as Albert Einstein says, a "trader of goods." Direct selling describes the sale of goods and services direct to the consumer rather than from a fixed retail location.

How Much Do You Know About Network Marketing?

*  The global direct selling market exceeds $110 billion in sales per year.  The United States is the largest at over $32 billion, with Japan in second place at $25 billion.  Direct selling is also strong in Canada, Australia, Europe and South America.

*  Just about ever product or service imaginable is available through direct selling channels.  Home products -- such as cookware, home decor, candles, foods, and pet care -- account for the largest share at 33.5 percent.  Personal care products -- such as skin care, cosmetics, fragrances and jewelry -- come in second place at 28.2 percent.  Services -- such as travel, financial and communications -- contribute to 15.5 percent.  Wellness products come in at 15.4 percent and Leisure and Educational products contribute 7.4 percent.

*  Four out of five direct sellers are women, and 10 percent of businesses are run as partnerships, primarily by married couples.

*  From a business and tax perspective, direct sellers are classified as independent, self-employed operators or contractors, although they use a variety of titles such as representatives, distributors, associates, consultants, and so on.  Their income comes from commissions, bonuses, and overrides on personal and group sales, typically on an escalating scale. 

*  Network Marketing (also known as multilevel marketing) is an extension of direct selling.  While direct selling refers to how products are sold, network or multilevel marketing refers to how you are paid for building your organization.

*  In addition to being paid on your sales, you earn income on the sales of people you recruit (or enroll, introduce, or sponsor) into the business.  This includes both direct recruits (people you personally recruit) and indirect recruits (people recruited by the people you recruit).  Both direct and indirect recruits are a part of YOUR downline organization.

If you are new to the network marketing profession, I hope you have found this information interesting also excited to be a part of a business model that is NOT in an economical downturn. 

Now, more than ever, people are opting to work from home to add part-time or full-time income to their family's budget so if you are looking for some additional income to help pay the bills, save for a dream vacation, or because you want to start your own college or retirement fund, direct selling and network marketing might be the answer for you.

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(Much of today's info was contributed from Be A Recruiting Superstar by Mary Christensen.  Thanks, Mary!)

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