Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Helping Others Understand Network Marketing

If you "get" network marketing and you want to help others understand the advantages, today's message is for you!

If you've found a company you believe in, with products you believe in, then the only thing missing is...Do you believe in yourself.  Be honest.  There are always things we can improve upon and I believe most network marketers would agree that they'd like to kick it up a few notches in their recruiting efforts.  Agree?

I've been reading a book by Mary Christensen on this very subject!

"A full-time network marketing business can generate enough income to support your family, pay off your mortgage, and build a plump retirement fund.  It comes down to how much time you are prepared to work on your business and how willing you are to learn."  Sounds easy enough!

"Recruiting is the life force of any network marketing, multi-level marketing, or party plan business.  No matter how committed you are to promoting your products, there is a limit to how many people you can reach.  Even if you are the greatest salesperson on the planet, there is a limit to the number of hours you can work.  If you want to live a life most people only dream about, you have to learn to recruit."  Ouch...some people are just too scared to learn how to recruit...It's that "rejection" thing, right?  Read on...

"Recruiting lifts the ceiling off your income.  The way to reach the highest income levels is to find and train others to sell your product or services--and to teach them to do the same...."

"There are many reasons why network marketing is more popular than ever.  As the pace of life speeds up, we all have less time to shop.  Network marketing takes the hassle out of shopping because there are no crowded malls, jam-packed parking lots, or long lines at the checkout.  Customers can choose how they shop and their products will be delivered to their door, and repeat orders can be shipped automatically...."

Network marketing is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to start his or her own business.  Your income is determined by how skilled you are at finding the right people and giving them the support they need to build their organizations.  Your recruits immediately have the same income opportunities you have.  It truly is an equal opportunity business!

If you are serious about building a network marketing organization and reaping the high rewards earned by the stars of the industry, recruiting must be your number-one priority.

Any businessperson knows that bricks and mortar do not make a business.  People make a business and network marketing is really a fun business for that very reason.  People really DO make the business!

If I can do it, so can you, because I know how few skills and little confidence I had when I started out back in the 90's!  We've come a long way, Baby!  If you are willing to work and willing to learn, you too can have the money---and your life!

As Ms. Christensen stated, "Sell products and you will earn money for now.  Recruit and you will earn money forever."

To Your Total Success,

Becca Mutz
Bentonville, AR

Success is an Inside Job!

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