Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010 - What's In It For Me?

Building relationships to increase your business...We've all heard that, right?  It takes patience and sincerity, true, but isn't the journey as much fun as the destination?  When we take the focus off of ourselves and our purported needs and put the focus on our prospects and show them how to reach the end result or What's In It For Them," it takes the drudgery and fear out of prospecting and gives it the fun and rewarding spin we all want!

I've been following Ann Sieg (Renegade Network Marketer) for a while and here's what she has to say:

"...You have to sell yourself as a person, but more importantly, you have to sell your ability to help them get what they want!

You can be the most likable person in the world but ultimately if they don't see you as being able to help them, it's not going to do you much good.

See, people want to be told how to do it.  They want to have it all laid out for them in simple steps.  They want someone to guide them and help them navigate their way through the touch waters of building a business.  This is what they're looking for in a sponsor.  They want to know if you're able to do this.

You can sell your comp plan and your product all you want but it still leaves the question wide open about how they're going to actually build their business.

The most important benefit of your offer is the marketing system that you use to build your business...And that is what you should be offering to your prospect:  The Way in which you do business.  This is how you sell your ability to help them succeed.

By offering them an effective marketing system, you're giving them so much more than just a biz opp.  You're giving them a tried and tested, surefire way to build not only your opportunity, but any business they choose to become involved with at any point.  This knowledge is more valuable than any breakthrough product or 'ground floor' opportunity."

This makes so much sense!  Think about how you can optimize your networking experience by showing others how they can rely on YOU to show them the way through your marketing system.

That's our food for thought for the day.  I look forward to your comments and stories about how you are implementing this strategy into your business.
To Your Total Success,

Becca Mutz
Bella Vista, AR

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