Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Entice Your Readers - Unique HOT Words and Phrases

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If you write your own ads, here is a list of proven effective words that will help you get the best response from your ads and also grab attention to your messages.

30 Irresistable Words to Attract Your Customers

You --Ultimate --Free --Master --Power
Discover(y) --Easy --Guaranteed --Love --Money
New --Scientific --Breakthrough --Secret --Proven
Results --Incredible --Private --Cash --Shocked/shocking
Revealed --Uncovered --Hidden --Profit(s) Inside
Simple --Power --Learn --Quick --Bargain(s)

Looking for some HOT Action Words?  These should do the trick!

Create --Open --Turn --Discover --Keep
Build --Find --Explode --Unleash --Uncover
Break --Tear --Punch --Rivet --Drop
Kick --Stir --Strike --Spread --Dig
Throw --Come --Go --Do --Pull
Cut --Push --Shake --Make --Close

My PERSONAL Favorite -- TWO HOT Action Words:

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20 REASONS -- Why People Buy Things

To be liked --To be appreciated --To be right --To feel important
To make money --To save money --To save time --To make work easier
To be secure --To be attractive --To be comfortable --To be distinct
To be happy --To have fun --To gain knowledge --To be healthy
To gratify curiosity --For convenience --Out of fear --Out of greed

4 PROVEN Techniques for Increasing Sales
• Use bulleted lists just like this. People like to see things set down in an orderly fashion.

• Use a P.S. in your sales letter to remind, cajole or offer that last something else to clinch the sale and shove your customer into the Pit Of Purchase.

• Use the attraction for the specific by using a specific time frame or number: "Lose 5 pounds in 5 days or your money back!"

• Ask questions that make your readers so curious they'll read on.

Have fun spicing up your ads and messages with these dynamic words!

To YOUR Total Success

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