Monday, July 19, 2010

Energy Vampires?

One of my favorite motivational influences is Dale Smith Thomas.  I'm thrilled that she will be a Guest Speaker at Scent-Sations/Mia Bella Candles' annual conference in Wilkes-Barre, PA, we call Fling.  I'm excited to get to meet her in person and enjoy socializing with her as well.  FUN!  Hope you'll enjoy our message for today.

I appreciate YOU for taking time to read this message and for following along on this wonderful journey.

"Our lives are totally influenced by the people that we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. I believe that those who do not increase you will decrease you. If you surround yourself with negative people their negative energy will begin to take a toll on you. Jack Canfield calls them "Energy Vampires." When you leave the presence of someone that is totally negative, who is selfish, and who only thinks about themselves you feel drained. They drain your energy.

On the other hand, how do you feel when you are around people who are positive, enthusiastic and supportive? I'll bet that you are encouraged and inspired. You start to pick up their attitude, and you feel as if you have added strength to vigorously pursue your own goals.

I want to challenge you this week to take a good look into your life and consider who you have been spending your time with. Examine your friendships and relationships at work and during your leisure hours. Those who occupy your time have a significant impact on your most priceless possession ... your mind! It is your responsibility to regulate what you allow into your mind.

Psychology research also tells us that the more quality relationships we have in our lives, the healthier and sharper we are apt to be in our later years and we will enjoy a greater level of mental health.

I hope that you will seriously stop and ask yourself this question. Who do I surround myself with? Who contributes to my happiness and success by just 'being there'?

Also, think about who brings you down through their negativity? Who around you settles for mediocrity, and how does this affect your sense of drive and hope? Who are the people in your life that are "takers" and never give anything in return?

We can't always choose all of the people in our lives, of course, but we can exercise discretion with the choices we make and the time we choose to spend with them. What do you need and want in your life? What kinds of people do you need in your life to help pave the way?

Of course this doesn't mean we shouldn't be caring, helping, and supportive people - but it's really about how we manage the time that we give and where we spend our energy. Are you often left feeling depleted because you give out more than you receive - or do you have a strong reciprocal flow and reserve of positive energy and positive people in your life?

It's time to take an inventory in your life and be more aware of the people that you are allowing to take your time ! Make sure the people that do bring value to your life know how much you appreciate them!"

I've accepted Dale's challenge.  Will you?

Wishing your Prosperity and Happiness,


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